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Apple Tech Talk 2011 – Berlin

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As all iOS programmers know places for this conference were booked almoust immediately. At first I thought that the scale of the event will be much bigger (however doing it in 9 cities is not piece of cake – if it all will be as well orginized as in Germany), but I’ve counted about 350 seats in room where the KickOff part took place – as usual started with some statistics – which is very typical for Apple. With sadness I need to mention that everything is under NDA but what I can do is tell you which lectures were the most valuable in my opinion.
Apple Tech Talk Agenda
Lecture about iCloud was very instructive – presentation of the new API as well as much, much source code. Another good thing to go to is the Performance HitList talk but on the other hand if someone already uses ARC then in my opinion more worth of going will be topic with AirPlay. Also if StoryBoard and settings of project file are not secret to you then I suggest going to the lecture about GameCenter.

As for the organization, everything was according to the agenda, catering was high level – so no one should worry that he or she will be starwing in between lectures. At the end I think that everyone who did attended on this conference had returned home full of positive impressions, new contacts and shirt from Apple as well :)


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