Sebastian Suchanowski Programmer's notes


Below you can see some of app I’ve made. I did also design UI for most of them but more complicated graphics elements was made by my collegues designers.

Euro 2012 Info & Prediction
Amazing Phone+
Wish Sender
Notebook Sketcher
Movie Timeline Module


Euro 2012 Info & Prediction

★★ Euro’12 ★★
Euro 2012 Info & Prediction is the new way of connecting with other football fans, not only you can view all important information (with live scores) but also Euro’12 App gives you possibility of simulate tournament courses and share it with your friends!

Application is fully localized for Polish, English, Russian and German!! That also includes Euro2012 news, everything!

✔ Online scores
✔ Information about time and place of matches
✔ Most important news for Euro2012
✔ Team players and photo
✔ Gorgeous Knockout Phase view
✔ Standing with live update and preview of group matches
✔ Simulating Euro2012
✔ Sharing!

I’m still working on some features (you will see them in next release):
- adding comments to matches – you could share your every thoughts with other fans all over the world,
- new languages (Italian, Spanish and French),
- and more!

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★★ Amazing Phone+ ★★

Default Phone app is not enough for you? You should try the amazing Phone+ app! Phone+ brings enhanced searching and grouping features. You can make your calls even faster with speed dial view, send group messages and pick contacts just from the keypad. All default phone’s features are also built-in. All in one simple app!


You can easily call your favourite contacts, call back to recent calls and keep in touch with frequently used contacts. Tap and hold to send an SMS. All in one clear view.

Make calls even faster with speed dial groups – Frequent, Recent, Favourites and Missed items are displayed in one view, so it’s really fast.

If you’re used to default Phone app, you can find all the old features here. Recent view displays all the recent calls like in default app, but it has also some look improvements. This feature is not currently available under iOS 5, but will be fully supported in next app release.

Call your contacts like in NOKIA phones – you can pick contact just from the keypad and don’t need to go to the address book. It’s 100% faster.

Now you can easily send sms or email to the group of friends. Save a lot of time with this feature.

With this app you can export contacts to the CSV file and send it by email. With this file you can synchronize your gmail contacts. It’s that simple.

✔ SIMPLE INTERFACE – app interface is very intuitive and similiar to the default Phone app. You don’t need to get used to the new look. It’s almost the same.


Application fully supports iOS 4.x, iOS 5 is partially available.

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Wish Sender

Send wishes to all your friends by just one click! It’s that simple now. Wish Sender fills the gap of key feature in Messages app which is selecting multiple contacts and send group messages quick and painfree

Available in:
- English
- Polish

Soon in Wish Sender:
- saving sent messages,
- support for landscape mode,
- new wishes & categories!

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MyWeekend will show you how much time you have to wait to finally have some rest. No more school or work! It’s weekend time!

Available in:
- English
- Polish
- German
- Italian

App was made to clear the path of distribution app to AppStore.

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Notebook Sketcher

Simple sketching app but its uniqueness depends on one feature – Sketcher is focused to simulate game known form primary school when you were drawing something on the corners of the few paper sheets to finally get simple animation. Thanks to little gif library application enables users to save theirs work in a animated file.

On every step you can draw (ajust pencil width), erase, clear all drawing or save it. Each time image had been saved it goes into background and change color to gray so we could base our next drawing on previous sketch.

There is also a little project manager tool which is basically a power table view to manage files. You can go into each project (folders) and look/delete/reorder frames (images with previews).

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Game created for one of laboratories on my university (WAT). The main idea of the game besides its obvious rules was that it supposed to be multiplatform game – one of my classmates wrote android version of it. I made myself responsible for backend as well so I’ve created an API on server side (with all logic, database, etc..) and iPhone app.

App allows you to register within it and log in to your account which is necessary to play.

To add more value to the game I’ve introduced points system which was a little gamification/gambling accent. Every user got a certain amount of points at the start then he was able to create or join match. All available games are listed by user can only play those where the bet is in his points range. Match is played to 3 wins. After win or defeat point were transfered to appropriate account. There is also a view which shows all users and theirs availability.

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Movie Timeline Module

One of the projects reqiured from me to write a time line module. It was based on Apple Quick Time Line (when you hold finger long enough on timeline then it’s rescaling so you could choose in more particular way). It was made for streaming iPhone app.

There were images on the server (saved every 10 min from connected cameras). Timeline showed images from last 48 hours per user per camera. User could see 6 images at once – in normal scenario those images was hourly taken pictures but when you focus on anyone (hold your finger) other hide outside the view and 5 missing images (with 10 minutes timestamp) appeared with clean animation.

All worked in scroll view so there was no problem accessing all images that were saved there. Beside all that there was also a slider (orange afterglow) which task was to select one of six visible images (and selected image triggered video streaming).

There was time presure while doing this but this was one of nicest modules I had occasion making. And the result was very satisfactory.

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