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PCH file built from a different branch

After upgrading to current XCode (Version 4.6.2 (4H1003)) some of you could meet with the issue described bellow:

PCH file built from a different branch ((clang-425.0.27)) 
than the compiler ((clang-425.0.28))

Luckily the solution is simple because what’s enough is nice and quick clean (SHIFT+CMD+K or Product->Clean).


Apple Tech Talk 2011 – Berlin

Apple Tech Talk 2011 Badge
As all iOS programmers know places for this conference were booked almoust immediately. At first I thought that the scale of the event will be much bigger (however doing it in 9 cities is not piece of cake – if it all will be as well orginized as in Germany),


Xcode FIXME and TODO list

Before I start describing mentioned tags I would like to show useful #pragma directives. We need first to assure that option Sort list alphabetically is off like in the screen.

There are two ways of using #pragma directives:

#pragma mark -
#pragma mark label


iPhone Development FAQ

I will try regularly complete this post with most useful stuff.

Q: How to make full screen app?
A: There are two ways:

  • add property UIStatusBarHidden (Status bar is initially hidden) to info.plist and set it to true,
  • call method setStatusBarHidden in viewDidLoad
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:YES animated:NO]

Q: What size is application icon?
A: Icon size should be 57×57 [px] and both the glossy effect and rounded corners will be created by program automatically.




I encourage to write if you have any questions, doubts or if you find a bug in one of the articles. Thanks in advance for any corrections and advice.

In my spare time I am writing applications (mainly for iOS, some in Java), as well as creating web pages (simple cards and complicated sites) so if you need something let me know!

If you want to contact me download my vCard here.

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