Sebastian Suchanowski Programmer's notes


PCH file built from a different branch

After upgrading to current XCode (Version 4.6.2 (4H1003)) some of you could meet with the issue described bellow:

PCH file built from a different branch ((clang-425.0.27)) 
than the compiler ((clang-425.0.28))

Luckily the solution is simple because what’s enough is nice and quick clean (SHIFT+CMD+K or Product->Clean).


iPhone Development FAQ

I will try regularly complete this post with most useful stuff.

Q: How to make full screen app?
A: There are two ways:

  • add property UIStatusBarHidden (Status bar is initially hidden) to info.plist and set it to true,
  • call method setStatusBarHidden in viewDidLoad
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:YES animated:NO]

Q: What size is application icon?
A: Icon size should be 57×57 [px] and both the glossy effect and rounded corners will be created by program automatically.