Sebastian Suchanowski Programmer's notes


Writing the college admission essay

While preparing my own essay and reading books I work out some grand rules, and I would like to share them.

  • You have to find a specific point in time to write about, 500 words it’s not enough to get into details of some meaningless fact,
  • Your story can’t be ordinary because admissions counselor have read already tons of them and you want be remembered and plant a seed that will give you passport to dreamed college,
  • There are not such things like bad stories, there are only badly narrated ones.. Each one can have it’s climax and that is what you should be focus on. Climax and The point are very important, because admission essay is not about story itself but its influence on you,
  • You have many ways to expose point of the story, it could be near the beginning and rest of essay could be strictly connected with your felling toward it or hero (You in most times) changing; you could as well write first some background stories which are leading to the point and leave yourself few sentences to comment it..